June 16, 18:00.

Platform TU invites to the screening of the video series "Armed and Dangerous".

Program includes following films:

Ceremonial Send-off to the Army (dir: Oleksiy Radynsky)
Games in Deoccupied City (dir: Piotr Armianovski)
Structures of Care (Pavlo Khailo)
Armed and Happy (Fantastic Little Splash)
Untitled (Sashko Protyah)
Untitled (Mykola Ridnyi)
Fabulous Squirt (Oksana Kazmina)
A Story About the Old Fat Girl. Notes on the Cruel and Evil Bull (Alina Kleytman)
Sisters (Anna Sherbina and Valentina Petrova)
Happy New Year! (Philip Sotnychenko)
A Year Later (Stanislav Bytiutskyi)
Untitled (Elias Parvulesco)

Screening will be accompanied with Q&A sessions with film directors.

Platform TU, Mitropolitska str. 19, Mariupol