On February 17, at 4PM, as part of the Armed and Dangerous project, there will be a public discussion where each participant will recall their own experiences and memories of encountering far right violence, will try to analyse the general situation.

The name of the discussion firstly refers to the Witnesses of the End column in the online publishing Update, in which the researcher of extreme right movements, Anna Hrytsenko, collects news about the activities of the Ukrainian radicals. Secondly, the name refers to the personal experiences of everyone who will participate in the discussion. They have been direct witnesses to the violent actions of the Ukrainian far-right representatives in relation to the certain artistic projects and some artistic objects.


Lilia Omelyanenko is a co-founder of publishing house Vydavnytstvo;

Oleksandr Sosnovskyy is a manager of Platform Tu;

Valeria Zubatenko is a member of the gender discussion club at Kiev's Dragomanov University and the co-curator of exhibition Disciplinary Acts;

Yustyna Kravchuk is a member of the Visual Culture Research Center, researcher;

Olena Shevchenko is a human rights defender and educator whose focuses are  LGBTQI+ rights and women's rights; a co-founder and head of an Insight LGBTQ NGO.


Hanna Tsyba, a researcher, Contemporary Arts and Culture Studies, curator.

February 17 (Sunday); 4 PM

Everyone will receive the information about the place of the event after filling in the registration form

Entry is free